Sarah Jane Paez as a Mom

Article excerpt

If theres someone who is true to her nature, its beauty queen turned fulltime mom Sarah Jane Paez.

In the late 80s and early 90s when the stage lights were brightest for her, Sarah never thought of wanting a "career change" until she had her firstborn.

"Ive dedicated myself to motherhood. I feel its my calling. Everytime I see my kids they make me feel special and complete. I dont know how or why but it has made me more comfortable with my body, prouder of my body now than when I was young. Sometimes, when it hits me, it makes me cry," she says.

From model, actress and Bb. PilipinasUniverse to being a mom to sevenyearold Sarina and fiveyearold Max, Sarah finds fulfillment just being with her family.

"Im a beach person, and my husband and I love to travel. Now that we have the kids, we make sure to go on a trip every year, usually to the beach," she adds.

For fashion retailer Cinderella, its summer campaign "b tru 2 ur nature," goes beyond looking good and extends to caring for Mother Earth.

In fact, Cinderella initiated a tree-planting project at the EartHaven Eco-Community in San Mateo, Rizal, not to mention ad campaigns that advocate the need to nurture nature. …