Birmingham Post Comment: Rescue Required

Article excerpt

The disclosure that a leading West Midlands disability charity has been forced into administration after serving people in need for 27 years is a salutary reminder that legislation is not the be all and end all of social policy.

The Disability Discrimination Act laid down for the first time rules and regulations about treating less able-bodied people fairly. Businesses, employers and public bodies were given firm rules about what they should and should not do, with the threat of hefty fines for ignoring the provisions of the new law.

But the Act, long overdue in itself, didn't help Disability West Midlands in its relentless fight against under-funding.

Disability West Midlands, in common with countless other similar organisations up and down the country, is a charity which relies on a combination of public and voluntary contributions. The charitable status is a necessity in order to avoid paying taxes, something that would further dig into the group's already limited resources. …