Football : That'll Be the Rae When I Roll over; GERS IN CANADA

Article excerpt

Byline: From Iain Campbell in Toronto

ALEX Rae has warned Rangers' new signing Brahim Hemdani that he isn't about to fade away and allow him to walk into the team.

The veteran midfielder knows that with Barry Ferguson, Fernando Ricksen and the new signing from Marseilles all looking for places, the competition in the middle of the park will be severe now.

But despite the fact he will celebrate his 36th birthday soon, the ex-Wolves man has no intention of looking forward to his retirement at the moment.

Rae still gives as good as he gets on the training pitch - even though he is surrounded by players 10 years younger than him.

He said: "When Barry came back I knew there would be him and Fernando and I managed to get in at the end of the season.

"I've got to try and use that as the yardstick and plug away to get my position in the team.

"In the last four games I thought I did reasonably well with Barry - I'll see how it goes."

He added: "My priority right now is to play every week, week in, week out. Every player wants to establish himself in the team and we want to retain the league and hopefully do well in Europe as well.

"I feel very fit and when I've been given an opportunity in the side I've done very well alongside Barry. …