They'll Make It Anywhere 'New York, New York' Accents Unite Is Sun City

Article excerpt

Byline: Amy E. Williams Daily Herald Correspondent

A few years ago, Barb Schiff was sure she'd almost shed her tell-tale New York accent.

She never expected a move to Sun City Huntley, in the middle of the heartland, would bring it back as strong as ever.

But shortly after moving to Sun City, Schiff met two new friends, who also were former New Yorkers. The three - Schiff, Adrienne Marcus and Candy Golfarb - became fast friends.

And almost just as fast, says Schiff - who hails from New York, and who lived in Mt. Prospect for 34 years - her accent came back.

"I haven't lived in New York for more than 30 years, but anyone I meet, they ask if I'm from New York," Schiff said.

"I think because I met them, Candy and Adrienne, I picked it up again. We're always together and it comes back.

"It was gone, I'm telling you. But you're with them, and you're around it, and it comes back.

Mine is minor in comparison to theirs, but I guess I have one too."

Soon the trio, who all have unmistakable accents, started running into others in Sun City who also hailed from New York.

Last year, they decided to form the New York Metro Club, gathering fellow New Yorkers together at least once a month.

"We were meeting a lot of people from New York and the New York Metropolitan area.

We were just really amazed at how many there were, and we knew there were more out there. So we wanted to have this club," Vice President Marcus said.

So far, there are about 40 members in the New York Metro Club.

It is open to anyone, whether they've lived in New York most of their lives, or they've just dreamed of visiting the Big Apple.

The group goes on outings, often revealing their love for all things with a New York spin. …