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THE WEDDING DATE (PG, Entertainment In Video)

DEBRA MESSING (from TV's Will and Grace) is likeable in a fairly brazen attempt to cash in on the kind of romantic comedy with which Working Title have been successful. Messing is Kat, a New York career-woman dumped after seven years, who requires a goodlooking, well-mannered escort (Dermot Mulroney) to accompany her to England for her sister's wedding. Naturally, they fall in love. Sparky without being uproariously funny but - especially for women in their 30s and upwards - a guilty pleasure. .....

*AN AUTUMN TALE (15, Artificial Eye)

VETERAN French director Eric Rohmer can always be relied upon to make civilised, intelligent movies featuring beautiful women and lots and lots of conversation. This is no exception.

It's not for the masses who require more action and less chat. Stick with it, though, and you'll find that it's a delight.

I suspect that middle-aged women will be the core audience for this deliciously autumnal movie, but it goes beyond being a 'woman's picture'.

There can't have been many more sympathetic studies of middle age. It's a lovely little film that engages the audience's emotions and leaves us wiser about human nature.


THE cinematic version of Douglas Adams's greatest hit is at its best in the first half-hour, when it remains admirably close to the spirit - and letter - of his novel and radio series. …