Program on Family Vaccines Launched

Article excerpt

A leading research-based pharmaceutical company has launched the Family Vaccines, a new concept that aims to engage and educate both doctors and families about the need to protect families from preventable diseases through vaccination.

Under the GlaxoSmithKline Family Vaccines Program, quality vaccines as well as educational materials on immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases are made available to the health-conscious public.

Clinics and hospitals nationwide will provide information on appropriate vaccines for each family member.

Families are encouraged to consult with their doctors about vaccines that are appropriate for their age and lifestyle.

According to Dr. Derrick Sim, Regional Manager Medical Affairs - Vaccines, the GSK Family Vaccines Program is the company's response to ensure that Filipinos are protected from vaccine-preventable illnesses through safe and effective vaccines. "People think vaccination is only for children, not realizing that adults as much as children need protection from such diseases as chicken pox, hepatitis A & B, influenza, polio, measles and others that can be contracted by anyone regardless of age.

In fact some of these infections, such as chicken pox and hepatitis A, often cause more severe disease in adults compared to children," Dr. Sim said.

"As a leading vaccine manufacturer, GSK is committed not only to provide trusted, quality vaccines, but also to facilitate continuing medical education for doctors regarding vaccination, so that they are better able to protect their patients and their families against infectious diseases. …