Iran, China and the United States

Article excerpt


Your article ("EU powers delay sanctioning Iran, offer weaker draft," Page 1, Friday) focuses on a very important topical development internationally. You report that opposition from Russia and China, both with veto powers in the U.N. Security Council, as well as many developing countries, including India, meant that Iran's nuclear problem could not be referred to the Security Council immediately.

We in the West, especially the United States and United Kingdom, have undermined Russia by supporting orange, pink or whatever color "revolutions" in the former Soviet Republics. So, it is natural for Russia to move against Western interests in the Iranian situation, especially because Russia is developing civilian nuclear power plants in Iran.

China has vast energy import needs and, therefore, vested interests in supporting oil- and gas-rich Iran.

The United States needs to focus on the monumental changes in the global geopolitics with rise of China, potentially leading to the dilution of U.S. power, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. China has also dismissed U.S. concern regarding the development and use of power by the Communist giant, stating that it is not interested in becoming a democracy.

China wants a multipolar world, but unipolar Asia with an upper hand both on Japan and India. I think China will become a world power in near future. …