Brookfield Public Schools: Connecticut School District Uses Website as the Primary Source of Communications and Manage Their Marketing Message. Finalsite Enhances the Management of BPS's Branding, Essence, and Content Delivery Via the Web through Their On-Demand Web Services for Schools Including School Sites, Teacher Sites, Athletics Sites and More

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Name: Brookfield Public Schools

Industry: K-I 2 Public School District

Locations: Brookfield, Connecticut

Size: 5 Schools, approx 3,000 students, 335 Staff


finalsite Technology Services: Content Management & Authoring Graphic Design Support Training

finalsite Modules: Alumni Athletics Calendar/News eNotify Form Builder/Survey Media Manager Teacher Sites

Notes: Brookfield Athletics uses Schedule Star and League Central for it's Athletic management needs and finalsite has the exclusive real-time sync with Schedule Star NOW! New clients can get a FREE year of Schedule Star.

About Brookfield Public Schools

The quality of our school system is the cornerstone of Brookfield's success. Teachers are the key to the quality and success of our schools and have a long-term impact on the lives of our students. High Standards of excellence and accountability apply to all. Change in the world affects our schools and provides an opportunity for continuous improvement. A long-term view allows us to anticipate change and develop timely, creative responses. Technology's role is to support curriculum and school operations and enhance interpersonal communication. An active partnership with the community is essential. A community that values differences and individual dignity is central to a creative and healthy environment. Well-rounded individuals respect others, balance work and play, and understand their impact on the natural world. Safe, comfortable, well equipped, and technologically current schools are essential to learning.

The Challenge

How do we get relevant timely information on a great looking website that enhances our image? We want our parents, students, faculty, alumni, and community to embrace and entrust our site as a primary source of relevant timely communication.

BPS's old website had information bottlenecks and an outdated appearance. BPS wanted to create an environment where they had 100% control of the website without having the need for a designer on staff. They needed a level playing field to easily train non-technical staff members to post information quickly without compromising design of style elements. …