Pounds 57K FOR STATING BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS; Social Work Students 'Want to Be Social Workers

Article excerpt

Byline: By Magnus Gardham

A pounds 57,000 survey paid for by taxpayers found that students take social work degrees - because they want to be social workers. The Scottish Executive used a private market research firm to conduct the survey of 300 social work students.

But yesterday it was branded a waste of money as it emerged 75 per cent of those questioned said they took their degree because it was their ambition to become social workers.

Tory MSP Bill Aitken hit out: "What on earth did we think students were taking social work degrees for? Because they wanted to be trapeze artists?"

"Only in Scotland could we spend pounds 57,000 to find out what is blindingly obvious."

The86-pagestudyconcluded: "The research found that both undergraduate and postgraduate students chose the course largely because it was the entry route into the social work profession."

Other students said they took social work because they wanted a "respectable professional qualification" or because it would provide valuable transferable skills.

Ministers are desperate to recruit more students to ease a shortage of social workers. …