Terrorists & Their Organizations

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SINCE the Senate has rejected President Arroyoas call to rush passage of the anti-terrorism bill as the House of Representatives has passed its own version, with the Senate requiring the bill to be debated thoroughly, considering it is a landmark piece of legislation involving the curtailment of basic liberties. With such rejection of Congress to rush the anti-terrorism bill, both chambers of Congress should have ample time to get readily available information on well-known terrorists and their organizations, and for our lawmakers involving in the anti-terrorism law to be well advised not only about the terroristsa activities and organizations, but also about their psychology. Those concerned with terrorism, may well read "Terrorists & Terrorist Organizations."

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This book, tagged as the "Worldas Greatest Mindblowing," is an exposA[c] of the most notorious terrorists of the world, describing their mindblowing activities and the organizations they work for. The first publication of the book was in 2004 by Tiny Tot Publication, Delhi India, covers terrorist groups all across the globe, being an eye-opener, and taking the reader into the world of terrorists, naming who work with a purpose to spread terror. The book says that "What appears midless violence to others, is a mere game for these operators of doom. They practice violence for its sake, unmindful of the pain it causes and the immensity of destruction left behind in its wake. Lives are nothing, but destruction of property is a mere trivial thing to them, just working for a cause."

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The bookas table of contents exposes seven most notorious terrorists of the world as fllows:

1. Osama bin Laden: He was the son of a wealthy Saudi Construction business owner and believed in Islamic Jihad and that Islamic places should not have presence of Infidels. He helped the Afghans in their fight against the Russians with the aid of his organization called al-Qaeda. He got the support in money and kind from several countries and moved his base from Afghanistan to Sudan to Kenya as things became hot. His Saudi Arabia citizenship was cancelled by the government because of his activities. He was alleged to be responsible for September 11 attacks in the US. Lately his location was said to be in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, with US forces looking for him.

* * *

2. Aum Shinri Kyo: The fourth son of a poor weaver, Chizuo Matsumoto, created an organization, Aum Incorporated, which attracted followers promising them salvation and went out with a vengeance against its detractors and later embraced violence to terrify others in order to gain power and come into prominence. …