Putting Social Ethics into Practice - and into a Brochure

Article excerpt

A printing company's customers are being shown how to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, after a decision to take a stand on ethical values in business.

Polar Print Group is by no means the first company to draw up a CSR strategy but its programme includes the launch of a 14-page 'Printing Responsibly' brochure, which will be distributed to suppliers and customers, reinforcing the company's commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

The Leicester-based company employs a 51-strong workforce at the Hamilton Business Park and has customers across the Midlands.

'Printing Responsibly' includes the means of sourcing the most appropriate papers, from recycled or managed forests, researching the types of links used in the printing process, i.e. water based or natural dyes, looking at the types of plates used and which are the most energy efficient as well as the sort of chemicals that are used in making them.

Managing Director, David Gask said: "When you consider issues of deforestations and the five million tonnes of paper going into landfill sites in the UK each year, it is easy to see the impact that printing can have.

"There are many companies in the printing business who provide good service using state-of-the-art technology, but are they delivering this in a responsible way? Our belief is that good companies today must have a more holistic approach, not only providing high quality service, but taking responsibility for how their business impacts on the environment, trading partners, staff and the community. …