Political Parties

Article excerpt

Byline: Jesus M Elbinias

THE ruling Lakas-Christian and Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) party described by President Arroyo as a "superior force" in the political arena can steer the country, with "teamwork and discipline" of her partymates, towards confronting the three challenges this year a" that of the economy, Charter change, and poverty. But those are not all. There might be some problems specifically on the political party system in the provisions, or lack of them, in the proposed constitutional amendments that will shift the presidential to the parliamentary system of government. Up to this day, and to my knowledge, the Presidential Constitutional Commission has not yet endorsed its report on proposed Cha-cha provisions involving political parties.


Readers who want to read about organizations and activities of political parties may read a book titled "POLITICAL PARTIES (Their Organization and Activity in the Modern State)," translated by Barbara and Robert North, the fifth printing of which in English was by John Wiley & Sons Inc. New York, 1967. This book makes plain the great variations in party organization, the social composition, and in the kind of aims and interests that the party professes to serve. The author says that to bring the masses into the political system means to encourage parties that are not mere aggregates of local interests, but parties that profess to give to the man in the street a voice in politics that he cannot have if all he is given as political choice is between one group of notables and another.


In this book, the author makes a useful distinction, between the "interior" and "exterior" parties. …