Should More People Be Taking Science at A-Level? YOUR SHOUT: He Page Where Teenagers Set the Agenda

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SCIENCE subjects are waning in popularity among school sixth formers, particularly physics and chemistry.

Numbers taking A-level physics have fallen by nearly 40 per cent nationally in the last 20 years. The numbers taking A-level chemistry have also dropped off, leaving some universities so short of students they've cancelled their degree courses or rebranded them forensic science.

Education reporter LUCY LYNCH visited Ernesford Grange Community College, a specialist science college in Princethorpe Way, Ernesford Grange, Coventry, to ask pupils doing A-level science subjects for their opinions.

LEWIS BROWN, AGED 17 D30413_7 HOME: Lives in Binley with mum, dad and older sister.

AMBITION: A career in outdoor recreation..

INTERESTS: Rock climbing, socialising and listening to music.

A-LEVEL SUBJECTS: Physics, psychology and art.

VERDICT: Doing a science is useful and it looks really good on your CV. I think people can get put off by science because it's hard. But I'm not expecting A-levels to be easy and I'm just going to work at it.

VICKI SEDGLEY-CLARK, AGED 17 D30413_3 HOME: Lives in Willenhall with mum and two younger sisters.

AMBITION: A career in art.


A-LEVEL SUBJECTS: Biology, sociology and art.

VERDICT: I chose biology because I was thinking about a career in health but I didn't realise how hard it would be. I don't think it matters if people aren't doing science as much as before. They should do what they're good at.

MARTIN SMITH, AGED 17 D30413_4 HOME: Lives in Binley with mum.

AMBITION: To be a forensic scientist.

INTERESTS: Playing squash.

A-LEVEL SUBJECTS: Biology, chemistry, physical education, sociology.

VERDICT: I think other subjects are easier than science. I'm finding sociology much easier than biology and chemistry. But sciences are important for careers. I think more people should be encouraged to do science even though it is hard.

CHRIS WATKINS, AGED 16 D30413_5 HOME: Lives in Binley with his dad, stepmother and younger brother.

AMBITION: A career in sport.

INTERESTS: Football, squash and supporting the Sky Blues.

A-LEVEL SUBJECTS: Chemistry, sociology and physical education.

VERDICT: Sciences are harder because there are lots of equations to remember. But there are more career options with science and they can be enjoyable, especially the practical side of chemistry. …