More Training for Law Enforcers

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Byline: Jesus M Elbinias

VICE President Noli de Castroas call for strengthening the justice system to justify commutation of the convictsa sentence from death to life imprisonment may not be fair and effective unless graft and corruption are eradicated from the government agencies and authorities, particularly those that comprise the Criminal Justice System of the country. What De Castro stressed about upgrading all the facets of the justice system might surely ensure against rampant criminality in the country, especially those involved in law enforcement, who "must now intensify their anticrime effort, and it is only proper that our law enforcers be given the logistical knowledge, training, and tools for them to fulfill their task of maintaining peace and order." But then, more is needed this to come true.

* * *

If VP de Castro, being the second highest government official, is bent on strengthening the justice system of our government, the book "Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology" written by Frank E. Hagan and printed by Allyn & Bacon, USA in 1997, the book need not be read from cover to cover. A Brief Contents names all the subjects and the chapters where they can be found. The first 13 charters dwell on these subjects: Chapter 1. Introduction of Criminal Justice Research Methods: Theory and Method. Chapter 2. Ethics in Criminal Justice Research. Chapter 3. Research Design: The Experimental Model and Its Variations. Chapter 4. An Introduction to Alternative Data-Gathering Strategies and the Special Case of Uniform Crime Reports. Chapter 5. Sampling and survey Research: Questionnaires. …