ANNA FINALLY.. Ford Quits after 28 Years Reading the News

Article excerpt

Byline: By NICOLA METHVEN, TV Editor

ANNA FORD signed off with "Goodbye from me" yesterday after her last TV news bulletin.

The 62-year-old is retiring from newsreading after 28 years in the job "to do new things".

At the end of BBC1's One O'Clock News she said: "Before I go, the team has, unbeknownst to me, put together a few moments of my television career. Let's take a look."

It included clips from Granada, where her TV career began in 1974, a Tomorrow's World feature on sprouts, extracts from TV-am and the Six O'Clock News.

Then she said: "I've really enjoyed all these years bringing the news to you. Thank you for watching."

When she announced she was quitting newsreading she said she wanted to do new things "while I still have the interest and energy".

Her TV career began at Granada's newsdesk in Manchester. She joined the BBC in 1976, with documentary series Man Alive, then science show Tomorrow's World.

Later she went to ITN and was the first woman host of News At Ten.

In 1983 she was one of the group who launched breakfast station TV-am. In an acrimonious departure she threw a glass of wine in Tory MP Jonathan Aitken's face, blaming him for a role in her sacking after he led a takeover. …