116 MPH: NO BAN; Now Mr Loophole Gets off Eddie Stobart Boss

Article excerpt


THE boss of haulage giant Eddie Stobart has got off a 116mph speeding rap - thanks to the top lawyer called Mr Loophole.

William Stobart, 44, was alleged to have been driving his BMW when it was pulled over by police for bombing down a motorway.

But the tycoon, who faced a six-month ban, walked free after legal-eagle Nick Freeman argued no one could prove who was in the car.

The lawyer, 49 - famed for exploiting technicalities to get stars such as David Beckham off driving charges - also said police did not follow proper speed-recording procedures.

He said after the case: "My client is particularly pleased and relieved."

The mogul - who co-owns Britain's largest private haulier with brother Edward - was spotted doing 116.9mph on the M6 near Carlisle just before midnight last June, a court heard.

Sgt Stuart Campbell told magistrates he took his name and cautioned him - but crucially could not remember asking for ID.

Mr Freeman said an impostor could have been driving. …