Bookstore Holding Event to Feature Local Authors

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Byline: Jean Murphy Daily Herald Correspondent

When people think of authors, they usually think of solitary people who spend lots of time before a computer screen or typewriter, agonizing over every word they write.

But occasionally, even solitary writers like to gather with other authors and their readers, discuss what they have written and see what others are writing.

Eleven authors from the suburban area will have just that opportunity from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday when the Barnes & Noble at 590 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg, holds a local authors night.

This is the third Local Authors Night that has been offered at the Schaumburg Barnes & Noble store in the past year, according to Julie Jawor, community relations manager for the Schaumburg store.

"I was excited to add Local Authors Nights to the mix of literary programming we offer to our community and customers," Jawor said.

The benefits are varied, she said.

"First, it is a celebration of the talents and successes of authors in our community. Second, it is a way that local authors can showcase and promote their work," she said.

"In gathering a group of local authors for a signing, fans of one local author can be introduced to the writings of various other local authors," Jawor said.

And, it's good for the authors, too.

"It is a forum for them to casually exchange ideas. Regardless of the genre they write, these authors are all striving for success in their writing, and they leave these events inspired by each other," she said.

Laura Mazzuca Toops of LaGrange is one of the authors who will be featured that evening.

"I was invited to another author event down on Printers Row a couple of years ago," she says, "and they are fabulous. What usually happens when you have a book signing for a single author, even a well-known author, is that you end up with only a handful of people showing up. The beauty of an event for multiple authors is that you usually get a pretty good crowd.

"I also like to look and see what others are doing, so I am really looking forward to this event. It looks like an especially interesting lineup of authors," Toops added.

Villa Park police sergeant Genaro Esposito is another author to be featured. His first book, "Cazar: Believe in Yourself," came out last December.

"My police buddies are all calling me Mark Twain and Harry Potter, but the support from the department has been great," he said. "After spending 28 years in law enforcement, I wanted to write a children's book through the eyes of one of the police dogs I have worked with."

All events at Barnes & Noble stores are free and open to the public, according to Jawor.

"Several of these authors' books are not available in all retail stores. However, on this night, books by all of these authors will be available for purchase at our store," she says. "There is no fee for the autographs."

Local authors visit store to sign their books

The following authors will be on hand Thursday at the Schaumburg Barnes and Noble store to sign copies of their books and discuss them with customers. All books will be available for purchase that evening. Call (847) 310-0892.

- Art Ahrens, "Chicago Cubs, Illinois: 1926-1940": Art Ahrens, long-standing member of the Society for American Baseball Research and the Old Timers Baseball Association of Chicago, revisits this unforgettable era with all the aplomb of a master storyteller and the passion of a lifelong Cub fan. …