How Councils Get the Best out of Their Workforce

Article excerpt

LIKE all big organisations, councils require a range of support functions to hold their business together. These functions can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of council services, and are vital to the smooth running of the authority.

From administrators and ICT technicians, to marketing officers and solicitors, there is a whole range of staff employed to ensure that the council can successfully support its employees, so that they, in turn, can provide high quality services to the community.

Local authority human resources departments have an essential role to play in enabling the council to employ the right people, with the right skills at the right time and to get the best possible performance from the workforce.

The work of a council HR department is very varied.

The trend today is for line managers today to take greater responsibility for the full range of human resources issues in relation to their staff.

However, HR officers and assistants will be involved with recruitment and selection, employee performance and motivation, pay and benefits, equal opportunities and diversity, health and safety and welfare, industrial and employee relations and relocation and redeployment.

Human resources departments are generally also responsible for staff training, and a range of courses and development opportunities will be provided that will enable people to perform to their full potential and deliver services more effectively.

Many councils will employ training officers to deliver courses on an in-house basis, while others will source external training. …