EDUCATION MATTERS: Course Will Focus on Paranormal

Article excerpt

Byline: By Kristy Heslop

Once the preserve of spiritual eccentrics, the paranormal world is now to be examined by academics at a Midland university.

Fuelled by the ever increasing interest in the paranormal, Coventry University has launched its own masters course covering all things spooky, from psychics and spirits to extra sensory perception.

Among the questions it will seek to shed light on is whether there is an after-life.

The new parapsychology course starts in September and is one of three full-time masters courses that have been set up in the UK to examine things that go bump in the night.

Coventry University decided to launch the study in the wake of the growth in popular fiction and factual TV programmes, books and magazines focused on the paranormal and spiritual things.

Programme tutor Tony Lawrence claimed parapsychology had been wrongly marginalised by scientists.

"The fact is certain people have experienced the paranormal and this is a reason to investigate. A number of factors could have caused sightings and senses and this is what this course will look into."

The new masters degree offers students the opportunity to study two controversial and exciting areas of applied psychology - transpersonal psychology and parapsychology

The parapsychology modules will cover everything from ESP and psycho kinesis to life after death and out of body experiences.

The transpersonal modules includes a module entitled "exploring the self" in which students use forms of yoga and meditation to extend or enhance their personal development. …