Youth Culture Seminars Set for the Playhouse

Article excerpt


YOUCAN " the Youth Culture Arts Network " is to host two international training seminars on the theme of Theatre for Change at The Playhouse, Londonderry.

The seminars from August 17-22 are open to artists, youth arts workers, administrators and policy makers interested in looking at the role of art in a conflict torn society and the role of arts in the healing process, post conflict.

The Youth Culture Arts Network is a cross border arts organisation led by the Boomerange Theatre, Cork, and The Playhouse Theatre, Londonderry, and it is funded by the the EU Programme for Peace & Reconciliation.

The first 2-day Transformative Power of Theatre seminar will be presented at the Playhouse on August 17-18.

This seminar will be presented by Dijana Milosevic, founder and artistic director of Dah Teater in Belgrade. The seminar consists of two presentations and two workshops looking at fundamental questions such as what is the role and meaning of theatre in times of darkness, violence and human suffering?

Dijana will base the seminar on the work of Dah Theatre Research Centre which has been in existence in Belgrade since 1991. Dah Theatre boasts an impressive body of work which evolved throughout the war, the fall of the former Yugoslavia and the general destruction that followed. …