Tackle Your Flying Fears Says Pablo; COURSE: Gulf War Pilot Tackles Air Phobias

Article excerpt

Byline: By Karen Ham bridge

A FLAMBOYANT Gulf War veteran is behind a new academy designed to battle one of the most common phobias - the fear of flying.

Pablo Mason, a former squadron leader with the RAF, has set up FlyPablo based at Coventry Airport.

He hopes the venture, which will take its first customers in January, will help people conquer their terror of taking to the skies.

The 56-year-old, who is married with two grownup children and lives in Leamington, has worked for the past year on building a team of aviation, medical and business experts to form the academy.

A commercial airline pilot now with MyTravel following a 20-year career with the RAF, Pablo, famed for his trademark handlebar moustache, said: "We are going to offer something completely different. A unique experience which will promise to help the individual to realise flying is THE safest form of travel and the problem is in the mind."

With around 12,000 flying hours, Pablo has experienced pretty much every airborne situation, including a mid-air collision while training an Iraqi pilot in the early 80s. …