Online Route to Eradicate Fraud Risk

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Byline: By Steve Pain Technology editor

Tamworth-based Forensic Pathways claims it has developed a new web-based technology that is set to revolutionise the capability of organisations to reduce the risk of fraud.

The company's advanced online fraud detection system will enable organisations to turn banks of information into useful knowledge in the areas of fraud, criminal networks and business intelligence.

Its inventor is Forensic Pathways director, Richard Leary, who says the original idea came to him as a result of his research and development work with law enforcement agencies and governments over the last eight years. It also draws on his experience as a former senior detective in the police service and as director of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science.

The development of the new system is part of an ongoing programme of business development for the firm, which has been supported by Business Link Staffordshire.

It is securing the company's position as a world leader in the field of criminal investigation and intelligence analysis and has led to a series of new contracts, including Saudi Telecom and the National Mobile Phone Project.

Incorporated in 2001 and having spent the first 18 months in product development, Forensic Pathways has fast developed a reputation for the imaginative and innovative development of science and technology in the field of forensic science and intelligence.

The company, which is based on the Amington Industrial Estate, is well known for its commitment to innovation.

It has won numerous awards for product design for its initial product, the transparent anti-contamination stepping plate, which is already transforming crime scene investigation at home and abroad. Several additional new products are currently awaiting patent protection.

The patented technology, called "Maverick", has led to FPL's nomination by software giant Microsoft for the prestigious Microsoft Technology Lighthouse Award 2006.

Mr Leary said: "The team at Forensic Pathways is pleased to have been nominated as both a Microsoft Case Study and now Lighthouse Project for this technology and work."

Forensic Pathways, which employs ten full time staff and has a range of world class associates, provides product, technology and training for public sector organisations in the UK, including a number of overseas governments. …