Scots Who Helped Change the World; There Are Few Places on Earth Which Have Not Been Helped by a Bit of Tartan Expertise

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A super-inventor and creator of the telephone. Edinburgh-born Bell emigrated to Canada aged 23 before settling in Boston, Massachusetts. He amassed 18 patents, shared another 12 and co-founded the National Geographic Society in 1888.

2 JAMES BRAID (1795-1860)

The surgeon dabbled in putting people into a trance to make their operations less painful. Born at Rylawhouse in Fife, Braid was first to coin the term "hypnosis".

3 SIR THOMAS BRISBANE (1773-1860) Born in Largs, Brisbane was a soldier and astronomer. He was governor of New South Wales and the Australian city of Brisbane is named after him.

4 SIR DAVID BREWSTER (1781-1868) He worked with polarised light and invented the kaleidoscope - a device marvelled at by kids everywhere.

5 ANDREW CARNEGIE (1835-1919)

This Dunfermline boy's fortune came from iron and steelworks in the US. His gifts, such as libraries, stand to this day.

6 JAMES CHALMERS (1782-1853)

The inventor of the adhesive postage stamp, this Dundonian was also a bookseller and publisher.

7 SIR HUGH DALRYMPLE (1700-1753)

This North Berwick landowner allowed agriculture to spread to unworkable wetlands by inventing the hollow-pipe drainage system.

8 ALEXANDER FLEMING (1881-1955) This genius, from Darvel in Ayrshire, created penicillin. His discovery in 1928 altered the way the world treated bacterial infection.


Glasgow chemist patented his process of extracting oil from coal and shale, and sold paraffin for heat and light around the world.

10 KIRKPATRICK MACMILLAN ( 1813-1878) In his blacksmith's bothy at Keir in Dumfries-shire he invented the bicycle. But he didn't patent his invention and others cashed in.

11 sir william 11arrol

(1839-1913) Responsible for one of the most I iconic structures in Scotland - the Forth Rail Bridge - and also the replacement for the rail route across the Tay.

12 JOHN WITHERSPOON18 (1723-1794) Born in Haddington, Witherspoon, emigrated to America in 1768. He fought for American independence.

13 CHARLES MACINTOSH 13(1766-1843) Glasgow and rain go together so it's no surprise the world's first raincoat was invented in the city. Charles discovered that a by-product of tar could be used to create a waterproof fabric and as a result the "Mac" was born.

14 JOHNloGie BAIRD (1888-1946) Everyone knows Helensburgh-born Baird as the inventor of mechanical television, but he also patented fibre optics and dabbled in radar.

15 ALLAN PINKERTON10(1819-1884)

The world's first private eye, he formed the Chicago-based Pinkerton Detective Agency and helped foil an assassination attempt on US President Abraham Lincoln.

16 JAMES WATT(1736-1819)

The watt, a unit of power, is named after this mechanical engineer from Greenock. …