Labor-Management Relations in PTV

Article excerpt

Abdul Qadir Salat, General Secretary of PTV Employees Action Committee, Karachi Centre expresses concern about the deteriorating state of Labour-Management Relations and demands restoration of Union in PTV.

Economic Review: What is the state of Labour-Management Relations in Pakistan Television Corporation after ban on trade union activities?

Abdul Qadir Salat: Trade union activities were banned in 1978 in PTV under the Martial Law regime. Since then Labour-Management Relations remained at the lowest ebb. PTV Management has indulged itself in unfair labour practices by introducing new rules under the heading "ADI", (Administrative Staff Instructions) making one sided amendments in the Gazetted Service Rules cf PTV. These ASIs are framed particularly to serve their own interests and to benefit a small segment. This has resultantly caused frustration among employees. The contents of ASIs are mostly ambiguous which provide interpretation of one's suitings. Since there is no union in PTV, management is free to act in its own style without any proper check. However, Employee-Management Relations started improving when Mr. Farhad Zaidi took over as Managing Director, PTV. He invited representatives of PTV workers from all the centres and discussed their problems. This has created an atmosphere of confidence which in turn is likely to create better working relationship between the employees and the management.

ER: Did the performance of PTV employees improve after ban on trade unionism?

AQS: It is incorrect to say that efficiency of employees improved after the ban. Workers are discharging duties with similar zeal as were doing during union days. Contrarily, the management while misusing power indulged itself in mal-administration. Despite such odds employees are working with utmost honesty for the institution. They are quite optimistic about the future.

ER: Are you satisfied with the present pay structure and fringe benefits in your organization?

AQS: PTV employees are not satisfied with the existing pay structure. The last negotiations between Union and Management were held in 1976 and a Charter of Demands was signed and pay scales were revised upward. PTV then became the best paid organization among the top 10 institutions of the country. …