Electronic Patent Management Systems Revolutionize Patent Litigation

Article excerpt

Personal computer-based electronic patent management systems are being introduced by SmartPatents, Inc. of Menlo Park, California. The new SmartPatent and SmartPatent-Lite Systems provide individually-specified patents combining fully searchable text and images on a personal computer in CD-ROM format. Developed by two patent attorneys, the SmartPatent Systems are designed for professionals involved in patent litigation, portfolio management, prosecution, and corporate valuation work who need to evaluate patents faster and to render more accurate and in-depth analyses and opinions.

SmartPatent Systems display the actual image of the original patent side-by-side with fully searchable text that is formatted exactly like the original paper patent with critical column and line text references. (SmartPatent-Lite System contains all such features except the formatted column and line text references.) Users can copy text, drawings, and diagrams from the patent to create trial briefs, trial notebooks, infringement studies, court exhibits, or licensing presentations, all of which can be laser-printed. …