The 10th Philippine International Furniture Show

Article excerpt

AS one of the priority export products, Philippine furniture has constantly grown at an annual average of 11 percent in the last decade. To sustain the growth, the players in the industry have collaborated with each other through organizations such as the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP). CFIP is the national association of companies, chapters, and affiliates, working together for mutual benefit and sustained growth of the Philippine furniture industry.

The CFIP is the catalyst and advocate of the Philippine furniture industry working towards achieving sustained growth and global competitiveness, cognizant of the individual needs and aspirations of its growing membership.

Every year, the CFIP showcases the best of Philippine furniture in its Philippine International Furniture Show, the 10th staging of which is currently being held at the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade and Training Center.

The furniture industry in the country had had a long history, generally adapting to the trends in the global market. The adaptability of industry players could be rooted in the historical fact that our producers have been influenced by both local demand and international preferences, the industry having been spawn by the import of furniture craft by the colonizing Spaniards in the 16th century, when cabinet makers from Spain were brought in by colonial merchants who saw distinct possibilities for good furniture products in the Philippines with hardwood in abundance. …