Deloitte Funds Skills Training; EXEC MIDLANDS

Article excerpt

Byline: By John Duckers Business Editor

Accountancy firm Deloitte has announced pounds 2 million of funding to boost the employability of young people in the UK.

And college students in Solihull are among those set to benefit.

The money, which is provided through the Deloitte Foundation, will help to create a new generation of 800 trainers over the next five years who will teach employability skills to 80,000 college students across the UK.

As part of the initiative, five training centres, including Solihull College, have been earmarked.

The other four are City College Norwich, City and Islington College in London, Bradford College and a consortium led by Blackpool and the Fylde College with South Cheshire and Run-shaw colleges.

Richard Edwards, Deloitte practice senior partner for the Midlands, said: "Over the past five years we have helped hundreds of young people from disadvantaged communities and this initiative will extend our reach further.

"How the UK grapples with the skills challenges of a global modern economy is a critical issue for all employers in this region.

"Many young people are leaving the education system without the personal and social skills the workplace requires and this is a concern to significant numbers of employers, both locally and nationally.

The learning initiative will focus on developing the combination of attitudes and behaviours employers are looking for such as self-management and business awareness. …