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Byline: DEAN WILSON, Cricket Correspondent, in St Lucia

ENGLAND captain Michael Vaughan rocked the cricket world further yesterday when he revealed he believes match-fixing still goes on.

In the wake of the murder investigation into the death of Bob Woolmer, with claims that the Pakistan coach was killed as a result of corruption in the game, Vaughan (left) voiced his concern.

He said: "If I'm honest I think it (match fixing) does go on but I've never experienced it in my team or any players I've played with. I've never felt I was playing against anyone who was doing it either. But my gut feeling is that I still think there is some kind of corruption in the game. It is not something that I study, but my gut feeling says that there is something still involved in the game."

In the five days since Woolmer was strangled, the Caribbean has been awash with rumour and speculation over the possible reasons behind his shocking death.

But none has gathered more momentum than the claim by former Pakistan player Sarfraz Nawaz that Woolmer was killed in order to prevent him becoming a whistleblower on the issue of match-fixing. …