THE WORLD WIDER WEB; Kids Fuel Broadband Explosion

Article excerpt


THE world wide web is at last becoming truly global because of an explosion in broadband internet access.

Almost every continent, with the conspicuous exception of Africa, is seeing rapid and growing demand for the high-speed connection.

Experts predict 80 per cent of British homes will have broadband within a few years, compared to 55 per cent now.

And the rise is being fuelled by our children's obsession with networking sites like MySpace and Bebo.

Today there are nearly 14 million broadband users in the UK, according to a new study by internet consultancy Point Topic. That's a rise of 6.42 per cent in new users in just three months.

Katja Mueller, Point Topic's research director, says: "MySpace, Facebook and Bebo have really fuelled the growth and their continuing popularity means we're likely to see demand for broadband grow and grow. The UK initially had a slow take-up of broadband but now we're seeing it surge. This is partly down to social networking sites being so popular and the cost of the service dropping.

"I expect to see 80 per cent of people in Britain having access to broadband in the next few years. …