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Arts and Letters Daily

Every once in a while I rediscover this site, and it reminds me that I don't do enough reading outside my usual information industry publications. For those of you who do not know Arts & Letters Daily, it's one-stop shopping for a variety of newspaper and magazine articles and columns, book reviews, blogs, and music. Readers are drawn in by brief synopses that make nearly every article seem provocative, or, at the very least, worthy of a click forward and a click back. I link to A & L from The Chronicle of Higher Education, which maintains the site and updates it six days a week with content collected from sources like The New York Review of Books and the National Review. It's literature, culture, philosophy, history ... and even gossip. Subscribe to the RSS feed for a list of what's new each day (except Sunday). The archives are not searchable, but you can browse the content that's been removed from the main site, back to 1998.


Librarians like information, and we like to share. Those facts are apparent from the number of LIS-related blogs and discussion lists that are out there (and that many of us have created or contributed to). Here's another tool for us. On libSite, you can recommend sites in the information world to the rest of us. It's a wiki, so once you register you can add your content. Without registration, it's possible for you to rate sites, save your favorites, subscribe to feeds, and view what's already there by name, image, or category (using the tag cloud). And, you can search the site. You're bound to find something useful here. Even better: add the sites you rely on.

JiWire Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

Here is just one of many WiFi directories out there. I chose to include this one from JiWire because it boasts almost 150,000 hotspots for 135 countries. Not too shabby. Search countries, cities, airports, providers, and locations by type (such as discos and car washes). …