How Can I Get My Man on a Rodeo Drive? ROAD TRIP: Motorhoming in the Canadian Rockies. Right: A Cowboy at the Calgary Stampede

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Byline: Frank Barrett

MY COUSINS in Canada have suggested we visit them next year. Their planis that we all travel from Winnipeg in their motorhome so we can visit theCalgary Stampede. My husband isn't keen: he says the idea of staying in aDormobile and then having to watch a bunch of cowboys lassoing 'steers' makeshim feel suicidal. For complicated family reasons, however, it would bedifficult to decline their invitation. Any suggestions as to how I might beable to sell this project to my husband so he looks upon it more favourably?Marlene, by email year's event Q drive?

ON PAPER I have to admit that the proposed trip doesn't exactly look like theholiday of a lifetime.

However, your husband is grossly underestimating what's on offer here.

Let's start with the 'Dormobile': actually North American motorhomes are likepalaces on wheels.

When Hollywood goes on location making movies, the big stars spend theirwaiting hours in exactly this type of motorhome - which will give you some ideaof how spacious and well appointed such accommodation can be.

Not surprisingly, the camps where people park their motorhomes overnight areequally well appointed, with all mod cons. So don't think this will be somesort of hardship trip.

The Calgary Stampede is rather more than a few cowboys chasing after cows.

The Stampede - which begins in the second week of July and lasts for ten days -bills itself as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. At the heart of it is arodeo but it is also a huge festival and exhibition. It is one of Canada'sbiggest annual events, and the world's largest outdoor rodeo. Tickets for nextA k? year's event go on sale tomorrow at which probablyexplains why your cousins are already making plans.

If you really don't fancy making the road trip with them from Winnipeg, youcould justifiably explain that you can now fly direct with British Airways' newservice from London to Calgary.

CAN you tell me if anybody operates an affordable business-class-only serviceto the Gulf - in the way that Maxjet and Silverjet do to the US? We would liketo visit our daughter and her family in Dubai but my wife has knee trouble andfinds it impossible to sit in standard economy seating. We don't have the moneyto travel business class on the usual airlines.

Tom Barfield, Harrow FROM this November, Silverjet (; 08448550 111) will be operating a service from Luton to Dubai with flat-beds and anormal return fare of [pounds sterling]1,099.

It will be the first business-class-only airline to launch a non-transatlanticroute Q A and the first commercial carrier in the world to offer a privateterminal at both ends of the journey. …