At the Schoolgates

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Eleanor Palmer Primary You don't have to be politically correct to livein Kentish Town,but it certainly helps.

This ladder of Victorian streets, running off a traffic-clogged artery in theNorth London borough of Camden,has always been colonised by the right-thinkingliberal Left and the local primary, Eleanor Palmer,is an embodiment of all the'community'holds dear.

This successful school celebrates 'diversity' 'creativity'and 'equalopportunities'. The games teams here are all mixed,children are'encouraged'rather than told to do their homework and teachers perform 'riskassessment'before pupils venture out on school trips.

Despite the jargon,Eleanor Palmer is a school well worth fighting to getinto.It offers free violin tuition and the loan of instruments - in order tocounteract 'privilege',of course - to all pupils from Year 3,swimming lessonsfrom Year 1 and a rich and balanced diet of artistic opportunity includingmosaic-making and contemporary dance.

More than this,it sends its pupils away with results to be proud of -particularly in maths and science. …