I So Love Pink, I Was Married Wearing Fuchsia; (1) BIG INVESTMENT: The Huge Fulham House (2) COLOUR SCHEME: The Kitchen ,above, Has Been Left Pale Blue, While Ann Has Added Vivid Tones in Other Rooms throughout the House, below (3)SPLASHING OUT: Ann Hand's Vivid Colour Schemes Are Either Liked or Loathed by Potential Buyers

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The Peterborough Estate in Fulham is extremely popular with youngfamilies, and I can see why. The houses there are enormous and if you find onethat hasn't already been converted, you could be on to a little goldmine.

Most of them have now been opened up, with the ubiquitous ground floor living/dining/kitchen area, and modern bathrooms and facilities have been installed.

This house in Stokenchurch Street was modernised by the previous owners, sowhen Ann and Peter Hand bought it four years ago, they didn't have anystructural work to do.

'But it needed some colour,' says Ann, 38, an American working in marketing forBritish Petroleum. So between her numerous working trips abroad, she set aboutdecorating the house herself - and I mean herself.

'Yes, I painted everything. I love decorating a home and I just love colourbecause it can define a room,' she says.

'After a business trip to Shanghai, I thought an oriental flavour for thesitting room would be good so I painted it a deep pink and then stained thefloor black and then I thought the window frames should be black too. I foundthe velvet chairs in the Fulham Road.' Everywhere there are richly- colouredvelvet cushions from Designers Guild, and the lime green seat covers of thedining chairs were made by Ann using a staple gun.

The kitchen remains the same pale blue that it was when she bought the house,but she has cleverly introduced the colour into a large painting that shecommissioned from a friend from university that depicts her journey to Englandand her arrival at a big house.

'That's me serving cocktails in a pink dress,' she says. (Ann absolutely lovespink and was married wearing fuchsia.) A large fluffy dog called Sally snugglesinto her pink and blue Cath Kidston dog bed.

Ann's husband Peter, 46, who runs an energy company in Abu Dhabi, is used tothe rapid transformations in the home. He'll arrive back to find the bedroom adifferent colour (it was lime green) with Ann up a ladder. …