Children under 'Intense Pressure'

Article excerpt

CHILDREN face "excessive" pressure to do well at school and conform to the commercial values of the modern world, a major report into public views says today. There is widespread concern that family life is "breaking down" and the culture of respect is disappearing, according to Cambridge University's Primary Review. In the first of a series of research papers, the Primary Review uncovered a national mood of anxiety that children are being forced to grow up too soon.

Primary Review director Robin Alexander said, "For a Government which has invested so much in its drive to raise educational standards, there is a battle for hearts and minds to be won.If things are going so well, why are people so worried?"

'Book therapy' for troubled teens

TEENAGERS with psychological problems are being encouraged to use self-help books as a form of therapy.

Flintshire's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and the county's library service want to see more children and families turning to "bibliotherapy" to help them with emotional and psychological difficulties.

The library service is marking National Parenting Week, which begins on Monday, with the launch of "book prescriptions" for children and families. …