Professionals Could See Jobs Outsourced to India and China; POLITICS

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Professionals and skilled workers are in danger of seeing their jobs "outsourced" to India and China, an inquiry warned today.

The Commons Treasury Committee, which includes Birmingham MP Sion Simon (lab Erdington), said the assumption that low-skilled jobs were most at risk was wrong.

Developing economies had invested heavily in research, development and their skills bases, and "highly skilled" British workers would face increased competition as a result, the committee warned.

The committee, chaired by Labour MP John McDall (Lab West Dunbartonshire), visited Delhi and Mumbai in India, as well as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, during the inquiry.

MPs heard evidence from experts ranging from academics from Harvard and the London School of Economics, representatives from the TUC, employers' bodies such as the Engineering Employers' Federation and economists from HSBC bank.

Outsourcing has usually been associated with low-skilled jobs such as call centre work, but this view is out of date, the committee concludes in its report. …