National Biotechnology Week

Article excerpt

Biotechnology is technology based on biology that has seen wide applications in various fields - agriculture, food science, medicine, and even in crime prevention.

In pursuit of development goals, many countries have focused their research and development efforts on biotechnology, recognizing that scientific advancements in the area would have positive consequences in the sustenance of growth in key economic sectors.

Many biotechnologists have done into micro-organism, cell, and tissue research that hold the potential of discovering more effective and efficient means of food and agricultural production. They have developed a host of potent drugs to prevent disease or cure erstwhile incurable illnesses.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has proclaimed, through Proclamation No. 1414, the last week of November as annual National Biotechnology Week. The proclamation aims to maintain the country's status as one of the "mega countries" using biotechnology as a strategy for development.

In our country, biotechnology has been employed in agriculture, human health care, environment, and the administration of justice through DNA analysis and similar DNA technologies. …