Rhys Meyers Tells of Battle to Beat Booze; Support: Jonathan Rhys Meyers and His Current Girlfriend Reena Hammer

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Byline: Andrea McCullagh

JONATHAN Rhys Meyers has toldof his difficult battle to give up alcohol before it destroys his career.

Heconfessedinaninterview laced with blue language that he doesntwantto

become just another drunk who had it all but threw it away for booze.

AndtheHollywoodstarinsisted that he hadnt been drinking before hewasarrestedunder the Public Order Act at Dublin Airport, last Sunday week.

But two days later, after the tragic deathofhisbelovedmother,the Tudors star was pictured drinking a can of cider on a London street.

SupportedbyHollywoodpalsand his celebrity girlfriend Reena Hammer at his mothers funeral, the MissionImpossible III star now says that he doesnt want to let booze ruin his life.

Thismomentinmylifedoesnot include going out and getting drunk, said the movie Romeo who has had astring of affairs with celebrity beauties. I cant drink at all. I dont drink.ItsnotthatIdrankahuge amount or drank for a very long time, Imjust one of these guys that it doesnt suit at all, he said.

Forme,basically,Idontdrink because I cant. I dont drink because Ishouldnt,regardless.Icant,nor shouldI.ButIalsodontdrink because I dont want to. Jonathanspokeabouthowthere werenightswhenhewantedtogo out with his friends on the lash and that it is difficult to stay away fromalcohol.

But he realises that there are other things that he wants in life more and ithelps him to stay away from drink.

He has been in rehab a number of timestoconquerhisaddiction.He toldHotPressmagazine:Ijust dont want to be that a***hole sitting inthepubandsomeoneturns aroundandsays,Seehimthereat theendofthebar? …