Sinn Fein Driver Is Unmasked as MI5 Spy; Agent: McShane, Circled, Ferried Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, Right, to Peace Talks

Article excerpt

Byline: Michael Seamark

A DRIVER who ferried Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to secret talkswith the IRA has been identified as a British spy.

Roy McShane fled his family home yesterday after being taken into protectivecustody.

And the Irish Daily Mail can reveal that the 58-year-old was an IRA heavy and amember of the bodys notorious Internal Security Unit, or Nutting Squad.

Dozens of victims were tortured at the units hands, and frequently executed,for the sin of informing on the IRAs activities.

The disclosure is deeply embarrassing for Mr Adams coming just two years afterthe disclosure that one of his closest aides, Denis Donaldson, also worked forMI5.

Donaldson, who headed Sinn Feins administrative team at Stormont, was foundshot dead five months later.

Shortly afterwards, intelligence sources in the North spoke of their beliefthat there was another British agent close to Mr Adams.

Mr McShane was a driver for senior republicans around the time of the crucialtalks which led to the Good Friday Agreement ten years ago.

He drove a bullet-proof Mercedes in secret missions taking Mr Adams and hisdeputy Martin McGuinness from Castle Buildings to persuade the IRA todecommission their weapons.

Former republican associates claimed Mr McShane was merely a working-classsoldier, but he would have been privy to highly sensitive information as heferried Adams and his colleagues to and from talks.

Mr McShane, from the Clonard area of Belfasts Lower Falls, would have workedclosely with bodyguards who protected Adams and McGuinness and would have beenone of MI5s top informers, being well rewarded for his regular supply ofinformation. …