WHAT A BANKER; EXCLUSIVE Pounds 1m Conman Gets Himself New Career. as Banks' Fraud-Buster

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SCOTLAND'S most notorious conman is coining it in again - as a security expert for the banks he plundered.

Serial fraudster Elliot Castro blew pounds 1million on 700 stolen credit cards during an extraordinary four-year crime spree while police and banks simply couldn't catch him.

Now Castro, 25, who was finally nailed after travelling the world first-class by forging other people's identities, has a new career helping banks close the loopholes he ruthlessly exposed.

Castro, from Glasgow, tours Britain as a guest speaker talking to finance bosses about his lavish lifestyle bankrolled on other people's money.

Castro's life echoes the plot of Leonardo DiCaprio's hit film Catch Me If You Can, based on the escapades of conman Frank Abagnale - who served five years of a 12-year jail term for fraud before the FBI arranged his release so he could help catch other swindlers - just as Castro does now.

A bank insider said of Castro's new career last night: "It's a bit of a joke in the industry that the bosses of multi-million-pound financial institutions are relying on advice from a young crook who stole a fortune.

"Basically, he is just a poacher-turned-gamekeeper. He gives a talk to finance conferences about how easy it was to run up thousands of pounds on dodgy plastic.

"He talks through the loopholes he exposed and how they could be tightened. He is becoming a bit of a star attraction in the trade. …