Culture: Art Making Inroads into the Business Community; Visual Arts

Article excerpt

Arts & Business is launching a new service for the region's business community to help them gain maximum advantage from the burgeoning contemporary art market.

The Visual programme launches with a high-profile exhibition at Target follow's newly regenerated Baskerville House from March 13.

Visual: The Flexible Art Gallery for Business, offers a response to research conducted by Arts & Business which found that the business community could benefit more from bringing quality contemporary art into the workplace.

Visual will launch an online gallery website, with an exhibition of 45 artists whose work is featured in the gallery. Artists include award-winning photographer Stuart Whipps, figurative and portrait artist Stephen Earl Rogers and sculptor Jo Naden.

"Our research has shown that there is a thirst for visual art in the workplace, both from employers and employees," says Arts & Business regional director Gavin Buckley.

"More than three quarters of workers would prefer to work in an environment where there is art on the walls, and in turn successful companies are more likely to invest in visual art than unsuccessful ones.

"The artists available through Visual have all been selected by industry experts ensuring the work on offer is of the highest quality, and goes to prove the astounding crop of visual artists we have working right here in our region. …