On the Front Lines

Article excerpt


While much of the world has seen fit to criticize the United States for its prosecution of the global war on terror, a number of countries have steadfastly supported this country in the fight against those who target innocents for personal gain. In the Western Hemisphere, no ally has been more resolute or more neglected than Colombia. Alvaro Uribe, the Harvard-educated president of Colombia, has supported Washington as he has waged his own counterterrorism campaign against the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).

Mr. Uribe has worked with American forces to capture Hezbollah operatives, protect against attacks on American contractors and confiscate illegal drug shipments. Despite the debt of gratitude the United States owes Colombia for its political and military support, lawmakers in Congress have seen fit to hold up on signing a free-trade pact with Colombia ("House shelves Colombia trade deal," Nation, Friday).

The Democratic leadership in Congress has resisted the Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) for close to two years. However, opposition to the CFTA is not limited to Congress. As reported by The Washington Times on April 8, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton condemns the deal ("Bush urges pact on free trade," Page 1). …