Church Will Offer Education on Energy Conservation

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Byline: Nancy Gier

The community is invited to learn more about how consumers can conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva. The church is at 102 S. Second St.

Sandy Justis of Elgin will present "Winds of Change," offering information on how homeowners can power the electricity for their houses through wind power.

In addition, Jen Walling of the Environmental Law and Policy Center in Chicago will discuss wind energy legislation in Illinois. Participants can learn about existing legislation and also what is still needed.

According to Justis, the seminar will also teach consumers how to be a bigger voice for change.

She will be speaking from personal experience about wind power.

"My home is powered 100 percent by wind energy," Justis said. "People ask me all the time if I have a turbine in my back yard. I don't - that isn't necessary."

She buys her wind energy from Community Energy Co., which has wind farms with turbines in Bureau County, Ill. The energy is delivered to her home through a contract with Commonwealth Edison, which permits Community Energy to use its power lines.

"Our family converted to compact fluorescent lights (CPL) about 10 years ago, and we pay for our wind energy with what we save on lighting," she said.

Justis is a retired special education teacher. In 2001, she attended two national conferences on conservation and the effects of climate change.

She founded the Illinois Interfaith Council on Climate Change with Linda Sonner of Batavia about eight years ago with the goal of raising awareness on climate change within faith communities. Justis and Sonner now work with other environmental groups such as the Spiritual Green Connection. …