Elan on Brink of Alzheimers Cure; Breakthrough:Elan May Have Found the Cure for Alzheimer's

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Byline: Joe Downes

NEXT week could mark a major milestone in the his-tory of Athlone-baseddrug developer Elan, as it updates the market on progress on a treatment forAlzheimers that has the potential to transform the lives of millions.

Elan is staking its future on fighting the brain degenera-tive disease thatdestroys the lives of millions of older peo-ple around the world and iscurrently in the middle phase of two key drug trials.

The drugs have yet to be given a clinical name but AAB-001 is an experimentaltreatment for early-stage Alzheimers while AAC-001 is the potential Holy Grailof the drug worlda vac-cine that prevents the diseases onset. Elan believes that AAB-001 willnot just treat the symp-toms of Alzheimers but actually put the disease in toreverse.

The AAB-1 trials are the most keenly awaited results this year in the globalbiotech world and speculation ahead of next weeks update has lifted Elan sharesin recent trading sessions.

Irish pharmaceutical industry analysts are upbeat about the prospects for AAB-1with Davy Research expecting that Elans chief executive, Kelly Martin, willannounce that the drug is safe and well tolerated with no change in theside-effect profile noted in the Phase I trial.

A major report from Davy said it expects Elan will demonstrate clear evidenceof a trend towards better outcomes for patients on the drug relative to thoseon the placebo.

AAB-1 aims to fight deposits called beta amyloid plaques, which are linked tothe degener-ative brain condition. …