Your Life: Go Back to the Stone Age and Lose Weight Fast! DIET Want to Look Fantastic in Your Leopard-Print Bikini This Summer? Then Eat like a Cavewoman and Shift Half a Stone Fast!

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Byline: By Juliette Kellow

SEX And The City's Kim Cattrall swears by it, Liz Hurley lost half a stone before her wedding on it and Hillary Swank sticks to it to keep in shape... Welcome to this summer's hot diet - eating like a cavewoman!

Scoffing foods that Stone Age women used to eat might sound like a mad idea but, according to new research, it's the best way to fit into your bikini fast.

In a recent study, women who stuck to a Stone Age diet of lean meat, chicken, fish, fruit, veg and nuts lost an average 5lbs in just three weeks.

And it wasn't just their looks that got a boost - the diet also reduced their blood pressure and their risk of heart attacks and stroke.

The diet is low-carb, high-protein - think Atkins but with more fruit and veg, and fewer highfat foods.

You might have to say goodbye to bread, pasta, rice, breakfast cereals, dairy products, alcohol, sugar and processed foods (well, you couldn't pop into McDonald's in the Stone Age!) but you could be saying hello to a svelte new body. …