Women on YouTube: A Feminist Action Research Project

Article excerpt

This is an outline for a group assignment that is a research study of the representations of women on You Tube.

The class is broken up into four groups: Literature Review, Textual Analysis, Audience Studies, and Conclusions. Each of the groups formulates a definition of its process and instructions for others in the class to help gather data for its section of the project. One of the graduate students is the director of the project. She monitors the progress of the groups and draws together the work of all four groups for a final presentation. In the end, the class has conducted a research study.

The literature review group gathers information about You Tube as well as feminism. Also in this section the students present the significance and timeliness of the study of images of women on You Tube and they relate that to the study of women's issues and experiences.

The textual analysis group focuses on examining selected You Tube videos from a feminist textual analysis approach. This section uses a worksheet to analyze the images and representations of women in the videos from a feminist critical perspective. The videos are then coded into positive or negative categories.

The audience studies group gathers responses to the selected videos by using a sense-making approach to identify the opinions and the likes and dislikes of the audience as they pertain to the selected videos. The sense-making formula also allows for audience members to share how their own experiences relate to the women in the videos. The students in the class use either individual or focus group interviews to gather audience responses. …