Letter: Trying to Work My Way through Eco-Homes Nonsense

Article excerpt

Byline: David Bliss

Dear Editor, "What a patent load of nonsense is now being spouted by the developers of a so called ecotown proposed for Long Marston in South Warwickshire/ Worcestershire (Post 15 July: Residents of Warwickshire eco-town will get free bikes) Their statements now flit between fanciful and the extremely obvious. They are now loudly heralding that new housing will be earmarked for local people.

Yet every new affordable housing development is already designed to prioritise local need. They also seem to be making figures up on the hoof - publicly suggesting there are 13,000 families on social housing waiting lists in Stratford and Wychavon - that's around 30,000 people, a figure that is self-evidently wrong. To end this misinformation, BARD has instigated a detailed review of social housing need in this corner of South Warwickshire/ Worcestershire and will make its findings public shortly.

The developers comments on transport would be laughable if it were not such an important topic in this area. So if you buy a new eco-town house incorporated into the price will be an electric car - why should you need a new house to buy an electric or hydrogen powered car? In this developers utopia, mothers with small children and the elderly are expected to hop out of their car left on the outskirts of town, with shopping in tow, and jump on their bicycle to get somewhere close to home. …