Forum Software Deal to Boost Customer Services

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Byline: Andrew Mernin

BUSINESS support group the Entrepreneurs' Forum has signed a partnership with Sunderland software firm Bond to boost its customer relationship infrastructure.

The forum intends to enhance service to its growing membership with installation of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Bond, which specialises in technology-based CRM, is helping the forum develop a system which will manage the client database faster and more efficiently, as well as letting staff gather and analyse member data that can then be used to support members better.

The system will streamline the forum's mentoring programme by matching budding entrepreneurs with a shortlist of established entrepreneurs as mentors.

The forum, which has 300 members, previously used spreadsheets and databases for event management and to manage membership lists.

With the addition of the new system the forum is also aiming to increase membership numbers and manage links to several other groups, such as further and higher education organisations where students are engaged through its youth strand.

Bond managing director Derek Curtis said: "I've been a member of the forum for four years now, so I'm proud that the organisation chose Bond to revolutionise its CRM. …