Peter Green

Article excerpt

Just another crowded trade show? Not quite - the recent Frankfurt, Germany, music exposition boasted the onstage return of British blues legend Peter Green. In a gig that also featured Alvin Lee, Slash and Paul Rogers, the reclusive ex-Bluesbreakers/Fleetwood Mac guitarist delivered a 30-minute set backed by drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Neil Murray and Green's old friend Nigel Watson on guitar and vocals.

Peter played Mac favorites "The Green Manalishi" and "Black Magic Woman" as well as Hendrix's "Can You See Me," the Shadows' "Peace Pipe" and one new song, "The Indians." "This is my old music again," said Green backstage, clearly happy with his return. "It's not my ideal thing, but I don't mind the old Fleetwood Mac songs so long as we can do interesting versions."

Green retains much of his classic touch, but he notes that his style has changed: "I don't go quite as mad as I used to, bending strings all over the place. I'm trying to play a bit more subtle. …