Vettriano's Quick Sketch Fetches ?40,000; Sold: The Singing Butler Copy

Article excerpt

Byline: Steven Henry

IT is a simple demonstration sketch of Jack Vettriano's most famous painting.

But even this rough and ready copy of The Singing Butler by the artist himself is testament to his considerable cachet after it sold for ?39,650 last night.

The work was dashed off in just an hour when Vettriano gave a masterclass to students at St Andrews University in 2003.

After presenting the university the sketch, he then gave students his blessing to auction it for charity.

It was expected to raise ?20,000 but surpassed all hopes when it finally came under the hammer at the Sotheby's sale in Gleneagles.

'We are absolutely delighted,' said

Philippa Dunn, director of development and activities at the St Andrews Students' Association.

'This is a huge boost to our charities campaign and to the many deserving causes who we try to support.

We never expected this amount of money. We are very grateful to Jack for this fantastic gesture.' The Singing Butler is Fife-born Mr Vettriano's most iconic work, and sold for a record ?744,800 in 2004.

The copy was done at a masterclass event at St Andrews University, of which he is an honorary graduate, as part of a campaign to inspire the next generation of artists. The painter sketched the simple image, featuring the universally recognised scene of a dancing couple and their umbrella-wielding servant on a beach, in just 60 minutes before handing it to the university. …