Park District Seeking Input Naperville Intends to Add More Recreational Areas

Article excerpt

Byline: Melissa Jenco

Naperville residents have about a month left to give their input on the park district's Open Space and Recreation Master Plan.

The park district held a feedback session before Thursday night's park board meeting, though few attended.

The draft master plan, which the board voted to release in November, analyzes the park district's current facilities and lays out potential short- and long-term plans to address its needs.

The park district currently has 17.7 acres of parks per 1,000 residents, exceeding the National Recreation and Park Association standards of 10 acres per 1,000 people. But because of projected population increases, by 2017 it will be short about 74 acres if it wants to maintain its current standard, according to planner Mary Gardocki.

After taking an inventory of park-district amenities, Brad Wilson, director of recreation, said trails, playgrounds and indoor recreation spaces are among the district's current shortages.

Indoor recreation space has been a hot-button issue over the years for the district. The board put plans for a $35 million indoor recreation center on hold a year ago after criticism from residents about its cost and what amenities would and would not be included.

The draft master plan also includes recommended major capital projects and their projected costs, such as:

- Nike Sports Complex development, $6 million to $8 million

- Seager Park improvements, $800,000

- Frontier Park improvements, $1.5 million

- Commissioners Park improvements, $3.2 million

- Southwest Community Park development, $5.3 million

- Knoch Park improvements, $3. …